Pipe Fittings - Pressure Fittings

The PVC pressure fittings are used extensively in irrigation, pool and spa filters, and pump applications for fluid transfer to join PVC-U Class 18 (max 1800 kPa) pipe as to AS/NZS 1447. There are a large range of sizes and configurations available to cover all types of installation. All fittings require solvent weld (Type P) as per manufacturer’s instructions for a pressurized system or sealing threads should be joined with Teflon thread tape or an appropriate sealing compound. Generally they are installed below ground, but may be applied above ground with adequate pipe support or thrust blocks depending on the situation. Above ground application may require acrylic paint to mask the effects of UVB irradiance. All PVC-U fittings are electrically non-conductive, and don’t require corrosion protection in aggressive environments.